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Critical Mass & the Media [On the Air 7-31-2008]

[...] last Friday bicyclists on a Critical Mass group ride through Capitol Hill clashed with a motorist who was blocked by their passage. The driver refused to wait. The crowd refused to back down. And the final picture was one of slashed tires, crumpled bikes and bloodied bodies. But the issue of blame was yet to be drawn. Then came the reporters. The media fallout left many wondering who had really done what, and to whom. Bicyclists felt unfairly maligned by the press. And the incident raised broader questions of who has the right to the road.

What are the factors contributing to violent interactions between those in cars and those riding bicycles? Is there rising road rage between two pedaled and four wheeled road users and what role does the media play?

Reporter: Tara Hayes Guests: Davey Oil, co-founder The Bikery Collective, Bob Anderton, Seattle Bike Attorney, Larry Hildes attorney for cyclist David Maxwell.

Listen to the entire show segment:

**The show is no longer on the web site but they may have it on request. The air date was 7/25/2008 and the program id was 15285.

at KBCS 91.3 web site - they also follow a New York City Critical Mass 7/25/2008 ride in In New York City, "[...] Police Officer Patrick Pogan body-checked a Critical Mass rider. A video of the altercation on You Tube has been viewed more than a million times, where the bicycle rider can be seen avoiding the police officer." KBCS also has the You Tube video and more about the story.