How soon after a bike accident or crash should I contact a lawyer?

As soon as possible. You may be contacted by an insurance adjuster and should not make a statement before you have consulted a bike lawyer. What you say can and will be used against you by the insurance company if possible. Even if the bike lawyers at Washington Bike Law do not represent you, conversations with any lawyer you consult are generally protected by the attorney-client privilege and cannot be used against you.

Does Washington Bike Law provide representative settlements or verdicts?

It can, however the value of your claim is based upon many factors, primarily the severity of your individual injuries and their effects on your life. Many personal injury attorneys list large settlements to entice new clients, but a list of other people's settlements or verdicts can be misleading. Your claims must be evaluated individually. Founding attorney Bob Anderton has assisted hundreds of injured people since 1992 in obtaining fair settlements and verdicts. These individual results range from a few thousand dollars into the millions.

What about expenses?

Washington Bike Law advances all costs associated with a bicycle case. Unlike some law firms, Washington Bike Law only charges the actual cost of expenses directly related to your claim and they can be deducted from a settlement or verdict.

How do I know if I have a good bicycle accident claim?

It may be more complicated than you think. Since it is free to discuss your case, it makes sense to call for bike crashes in Washington State. Calling Washington Bike Law means talking to a lawyer experienced in bike law. Washington Bike Law can provide you with self-help strategies or other referrals if its lawyers think that hiring a lawyer would not be in your best interest. Washington Bike Law can also provide free referrals to experienced bicycle lawyers in other states.

Can Washington Bike Law help after a crash caused by a defective bicycle or bike product (product liability)?

Washington Bike Law represents people injured by defectively designed or manufactured bicycles.  The firm goes the extra mile to help individual clients, whether they fractured a clavicle, are catastrophically injured, or are relatives of someone killed.  Washington Bike Law also helps the bicycling community at large.  For instance, a recent client's claim resulted in the recall of all similar bicycles, hopefully preventing other similar injuries.

Do I need a Washington State bicycle attorney?

You probably want one if you were seriously injured in Washington State. In order to settle a claim, you will have to deal with insurance adjusters. They are trained to close your claim by paying you as little as possible. It is difficult for someone who is not familiar with bicycle accident cases and the legal climate of Washington State (and King County in particular) to know what a fair settlement amount is. If your case requires litigation, your lawyer must be admitted to practice in the state where you file suit, and you will likely fair better with an experienced local bicycle attorney on your side.

What types of cases do you accept?

The bike lawyers at Washington Bike Law focus on bicycle injuries. Over 90% of Washington Bike Law's cases are bike-related, which is why Anderton Law Office is increasingly known as Washington Bike Law.

Most clients have been injured in bike crashes in Seattle, but Anderton Law Office-Washington Bike Law handles bike-related claims across Washington as well as other serious personal injury claims in Washington State. These personal injury, wrongful death and products liability cases include: accidents, crashes and collisions involving pedestrians, bicycles, electric bikes, scooters, skateboards, wheelchairs, mopeds, motor scooters, motorcycles, cars, pickups, SUVs, vans, buses, semi-trucks, trailers, and trains. Anderton Law Office also represents individuals with serious injuries due to unsafe places and occasionally people with damages due to unfair insurance practices or “bad faith.”

What about motorcycle crashes and accidents?

Although the majority of Washington Bike Law's clients have been injured on bicycles rather than on motorcycles, Washington Bike Law works to make our roads safer for everyone, including bikers of all kinds. Washington Bike Law has represented people injured on almost any type of cycle imaginable, from BMW touring bikes, to scooters, mopeds, and electric-assist bikes.

Does Washington Bike Law accept cases outside of Seattle?

While Anderton Law Office-Washington Bike Law is based in Seattle, Washington Bike Law represents seriously injured bicyclists and their families throughout the state of Washington.

What if I had a bicycle accident outside Washington State?

If you were injured outside Washington State, Washington Bike Law may be able to provide a free referral to a local attorney with experience in representing cyclists. You are welcome to call or e-mail Bike Lawyer Bob Anderton, as he has connections with other bike lawyers in many parts of the United States.

Why are there so many lawyer jokes?

Lawyers are sometimes uncomfortable with jokes about their profession. The King County Bar Association even had a campaign to "just say no to lawyer jokes." Unlike some attorneys, Bob Anderton is willing to acknowledge that there is often a grain of truth in lawyer jokes. In fact, he collects them. If you've got a good one, let Bob know.