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Bikes vs. Cars [On the Air 7-28-2008]

There was a fracas Friday night on Capitol Hill between a driver and bicyclists in Critical Mass, a monthly protest ride. The bikers say the driver ran into several cyclists. The driver says he was just trying to escape a mob of bicyclists. Two bikers were arrested. No one has yet been charged. [...] Should bicyclists be licensed, and ticketed like drivers? Should drivers be trained to share the road? What can be done to improve relations? [...]

Guests: Peter Lagerway, manager Seattle DOT implementing The Bike Master Plan, Lauren Booney Ast. Executive Director Bicycling Magazine...

Listen: (Bob's questions put to Peter Lagerway)

**The show is no longer on the web site but they may have it on request. The air date was 7/28/2008 and the program id was 15444.