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Clang Clang Clang went the Trolley [On the Air 7-8-2008]

"[...] But has the South Lake Union Streetcar been successful? [... ] Are streetcars a good answer to our transportation woes? [...]

Guests: Ethan Malone streetcar program manager for the Department of Transportation, Don Clifton co/owner and CEO of S.L.U.T. Apparel, Jan Drago chair of the Transportation Committee on Seattle City Council, Bob Anderton represents 5 cyclists who have filed claim against the city after bicycle accidents involving the SLUT."

Listen to the radio show: (this story begins begins @ about 41 minutes into the show)

The show is no longer on the web site link but they may have it on request. The air date was 7/8/2008 and the program id was 15285.