Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…


One of my pet peeves is the placement of warning signs in bike lanes and on sidewalks.  It’s just a little reminder that, in the view of the sign placers, roads are for cars.

This morning I noticed that the bike lane I typically ride in was blocked by SDOT trucks.

 bike lane construction

OK, I thought, no problem, I can ride on the sidewalk here.  Many people do.  It’s a bit bumpy for road bikes and there are still a few fire hydrants that take out the unsuspecting, but I was not worried, I ride this area twice a day.  But, as I rode on the sidewalk, I noticed that a sign almost completely blocked passage:

sign back

Since sign blockage is something that bugs me, I decided to stop and see what message was so important that SDOT decided to block bike and pedestrian traffic.

It was this:

sign front

I leave you with a soundtrack for frustration…


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