Merging with Traffic? But Bikes ARE Traffic…


I recently noticed this sign, “BIKES MERGE WITH TRAFFIC”  in Seattle’s International District:


I remember the Critical Mass cry, “We ARE traffic”…

we are traffic

There shouldn’t be a debate about whether bikes qualify as legitimate traffic; we really are legal traffic in Washington State.

And, while some bicyclists do occasionally block other traffic to make a point (which is usually illegal), bicyclists are also the best traffic to have on the road– no matter who your are.

Why? Because motorists pretty much always block other motorists.  On my ride in this morning I noticed motorized traffic blocking not only other motorized traffic, but the bike lane as well.


As traffic, I rode outside of the bike lane (which is legal in Washington), and continued to the light (where I stopped and took this photo).

I’m not sure what SDOT means with its “BIKE MERGE WITH TRAFFIC” sign, it seems to perpetuate the myth that we are not traffic.  I like this sign better:





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