Dogs of WBL: Millie


Millie’s humans are Jessica and her husband Niels.

Favorite ride: I once got to ride over 100km on Niels’ back in the Outer Banks in North Carolina! I love the beach and being warm so this was my favorite ride!

Favorite treat:  Despite living with two humans who eat a plant-based diet, my favorite treat is dried sweet potato wrapped in chicken jerky.

Pet (ha!) peeve: I hate seeing any of my favorite humans leave on a bike ride without me.  I get so upset that I bark, grumble, and try to chase them down the street.

Favorite thing about your human being a bike lawyer: Since I love going on bike rides either on my human’s back or while being towed in a trailer, I love that my human works somewhere where she is encouraged and even expected to ride her bike to work every day.

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