Bike Counter or Random Number Generator?


I understand that hard data can be helpful for planning.  Seattle has had a bike counter in Fremont for a while now and recently added one on the West Seattle Bridge.  I’ve noticed that, since the West Seattle Bike Counter was finally deemed operational, when I crossed it, it either didn’t count me or it counted me multiple times.

This morning I stopped to determine whether this was something unique to my big fat Dutch Bike, or if this thing is actually a random number generator.  Conclusion: It does seem to respond to bikes, but it only does so every now and then and adds another number or two.

I’m not sure that this counts as hard data.  In fact, seeing low numbers on this clunker may actually hurt the case for improving bicycling infrastructure.  We’ve got this counter now…  let’s make sure it actually counts.

Video: IMG_1802

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