Happy Monday After a Good Weekend of Bikecitement

Washington Bike Law was the Title Sponsor of Bike Works‘ Annual Fundraising Dinner on Sunday.  I’m pretty sure that we weren’t the only ones who had a good time, but we did have a good time… and for a great cause.

If you don’t know about Bike Works, check it out!  And even if you do, check it out, it’s probably even more awesome than you thought.

Here is program director Tina Bechler who was “wheely” good in getting the crowd to realize how amazing Bike Work Programs are… along with the impressive youth who come through those programs:

If you have a couple minutes, you should watch this video about Bike Works. It’s hard to convey how amazing this organization is, but this video shows it pretty well.

To top off this off, on my ride into work this morning, I found the the non-protective spring-loaded plastic cones on a fairly scary bike lane on East Marginal Way had been replaced by big cement barriers… Nice!

This is particularly pleasing because I had no faith in those cones as I watched them regularly get mowed down.

Thanks Dongho! Now let’s protect the rest of this route… and other routes so that everyone can feel safe riding in Seattle.