Don’t Miss Washington Bike Law’s Bike Everywhere Day Celebration Station May 18


Don’t pass us by without stopping… our Celebration Station will be open 7 am to 9 am May 18, 2018. We’ll be across the street from our office at Second and Cherry on the Second Avenue Bike Lane.

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways (SNG) will be joining us on May 18. SNG is the grass-roots based Safe Streets Advocacy organization that is probably in your neighborhood. Get involved with SNG!

Also joining us for the third year will be World Pizza… who can resist fabulous free breakfast pizza?!

We’ll also have world-famous Cherry Street coffee. Fuel up. We’ll even have water.

But wait, there’s more… you can win fabulous prizes… like T-shirts, flat repair kits, our famous waterproof Bike Law spoke cards, stickers, and more!

Come on down… or up. Come by and say hi!