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Amicus Personae is a periodic newsletter
written and published by Bob Anderton.

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Washington Bike Law Articles
Seattle Bicycle Injury Lawyers

Are You Really in Good Hands with Allstate?
The Battle For City Streets (PDF)
Bicyclists Prevail in Missing Link Case
Bike Law in Seattle
Bike Law Statewide
Bike Laws: May Be Different than You Think
Bike Law: Takin' It to the Street (PDF)
Seatle PI Blog
Bikes vs. cars: Things to keep in mind
Car Insurance
Changing Gears: Life in the Bike Lane (PDF)
City Cycling (PDF)
Credit Scoring and Insurance
Dog Law
Is it Time to Stop the War on Drugs
It's OK to Help- The Good Samaritan Rule
Lawyer Jokes
Lawyers- Friend or Foe
On the Road with Bikes and the Law (PDF)
Recreational Use Immunity
Rental Car Insurance
Riding Along 'Uninsured' with IFCA (PDF)
Seattle's Master Bike Plan — The Big Depends (PDF)
The McDonald's Coffee Case- What's the Deal
The Payday Lending Scam
The Poster Ban: Still Speechless in Seattle?
Thou Shalt Not Lie (If You Want Insurance Coverage)
Time Is Right to Roll Out Bicycle Legislation (PDF)
Tree Law
U.S. Supreme Court Activism
What to do After a Car Accident

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